Increase the power of
your brand imagery

Let images tell your story: with almost endless creative possibilities, our ads are perfectly matched to the pictures they appear on.

Be relevant, be seen

It’s no longer about viewability but how to make sure your ads actually get seen.


In-image ads are smoothly integrated into the main visual content of the web page, where they are 100% sure to captivate user's attention.


Increase engagement and stickiness: our studio personalizes content and delivers customized user experiences based on interests.


Sites are carefully selected on the basis of our advertisers’ targeting so as to ensure greater relevancy and engagement.

In-image ads: new ways to
target your potential customers


The BLIINK UX designers are constantly focused on finding the most suitable solutions for your brand to deliver high impact advertising.


Our seamlessly targeted in-image ads are designed to connect with audiences on any device, to deliver a superior user experience.
Harnessing the power of visuals
Our studio provides a variety of formats tailored for specific media objectives.
We develop responsive and adaptive creatives which are compatible with every media and picture size.
The resulting ads are seamless, authentic, and work across all screens.
Harnessing the power of visuals
Harnessing the power of visuals
Harnessing the power of visuals